Srdjan Sremac

Srdjan Sremac is research fellow (post-doc) at the Faculty of Theology, VU University Amsterdam and co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Religion, Politics, and Society, Novi Sad, Serbia. He has obtained his PhD in practical theology and psychology of religion focusing on the relationship between substance abuse and spiritual transformation. His current research project focuses on the strategic and ideological assumptions, interests, and effects of present-day constructions of (homo)sexuality and religion in public arenas of the Western Balkans. The project examines whether and how the oppositional pairing of religion and homosexuality is related to the different religio-political configurations in different national contexts of the Western Balkans


Srdjan’s broad research interests include practical (empirical) theology, narrative psychology of religion, biographical-reconstructive research, spiritual transformation, addiction and spirituality, trauma and spirituality, lived religion of marginalized groups, religion and sexuality, public (political) theology, religion and pop culture.


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