Rinke van Hell

Rinke van Hell is a doctorate student at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit Leuven and Free University Amsterdam (joint doctorate). She works for the lectorate Faith in context at the Department of Theology at the Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede and as a parttime teacher for the University of Applied Sciences Fontys in Tilburg (Film Entertainment) and the Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede (Minor Film). With her film educational organization FilmWijzer! she offers lectures, courses and reviews on the subject of film and religion. 

This PhD project is an interdisciplinary study in the field of film audience studies and Practical Theology. Its aim is to describe the complex relationship between watching films and meaning-making practices, especially processes regarding religious identity.The main research question in this dissertation is: How do orthodox protestant filmviewers in the Netherlands appropriate the meaning of narrative films and what is the relation between this appropriation and their religious identity?

Supervisors: Dr. René Erwich (Evangelische Theologische Faculteit) and Prof.dr. R.Ruard Ganzevoort (VU University).

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