The Crisis of Mission in Europe: Is There a Way Out?

S. Paas, "The Crisis of Mission in Europe: Is There a Way Out?"

Published in:

Scandinavian Evangelical e-Journal, Vol. 3 (2012)



Mission in Europe has always consisted of two connected yet distinct streams: conversion and civilization. The crisis of mission in Europe entails that this self-evident connection between individual and cultural change has been separated. Christianity is no longer the inspiring centre of European culture, but rather its repressed memory. However, this does not just cause a crisis of Christian mission; it also leads to a crisis of European culture. In this article, first the contours are drawn of this crisis of mission-cum-culture. The second section works out in more depth the consequences of this crisis for evangelism in a late-modern age. Finally, the article shows a way ahead, advocating the formation of new Christian communities as ‘laboratories of mission’.