Nico van der Leer

Nico van der Leer (1957) has studied Theology in Utrecht and Amsterdam, and has worked as a minister for years. In 2010, he switched to spiritual care for the elderly. Besides, he is the owner of a small supervision & coaching practice. As an advisor and trainer, he is closely involved with implementing spirituality within the complete nursing process at the Protestantse Zorggroep Crabbehoff (Dordrecht).

As a PhD candidate, he is working onder the supervision of Carlo Leget (UvH) and Ruard Ganzevoort (VU). His research focuses on how 'meaningfulness' and 'care' are related to each other. He wants to find out, in practice, how spirituality works within a care relationship, and how people make meaning out of the care they give or receive. His special interest goes out to the role and function of the spiritual counselor in this process.