Just published: Europe as a Multiple Modernity

edited by ACSLR-researcher Srdjan Sremac

Srdjan Sremac, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for the Study of Lived Religion co-edited volume Europe as a Multiple Modernity.   

Europe as a Multiple Modernity: Multiplicity of Religious Identities and Belonging explores the complexity and diversity of religious belonging in Europe, providing insights and provoking questions about how religion functions in ‘post-secular’ public sphere. It also challenges the predominant modernity theory arguing that Europe can be considered as one multiple modernity. In that, the book presents a collection of essays showing the plurality of discourses and variety in human self-reflexion on notions of religious and belonging in everyday lives. Emphasis is placed on religious actors and individuals in Europe, and the multiplicity of their senses of religious identification and belonging.

TRIC: Building religious (in)tolerance and reconciliation, Cultures