Call for Chapters - Lived Religion and Migration: Embodiment, Emplotment and Displacement. Call for Papers

Palgrave Studies in Lived Religion and Societal Challenges (Palgrave Macmillan)

The Amsterdam Centre for the Study of Lived Religion invites chapters for the volume Lived Religion and Migration. Although the subject of migration and/or displacement is particularly relevant in the current societal and political scholarly debate (attending especially to the distinction between refugees and economic migrants), it has also been of longstanding interest to scholars in the field of religionThis volume aims  to take a lived religion perspective to migration, looking both at migrants’ experiences and at groups in receiving societies. It will look at how religious identities and practices interact with performative bodily actions, spatial belonging, materiality, and language of the migrants and of the communities in which they arrive. Contested understandings of the body, space, and voice may enable or limit migrants to negotiate, affirm, cope, and maintain their religious and/or spiritual beliefs in relation to their displacement to a new (often secular) social environment and to sometimes multiple locations. They may also define how refugees and/or other migrants are perceived. Religious patterns of action and meaning are part and parcel of many migrants’ response to voluntary and involuntary transitions but also of people voluntarily offering support or speaking out for the protection of society against the influx of migrants. How are these imagined communities construed and promulgated and what is the role of lived religion in these dynamics?

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