Announcement of a conference: Spiritual but not religious?

Dr. Johan Roeland

Spiritual but not religious?

On Wednesday March 11, 2015 the University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp organizes a seminar on spirituality and religion, entitled ‘Spiritual but not religious?’.

Key notes will be delivered by Prof. Nancy Ammerman (Boston University) and Dr. Johan Roeland (VU University, Amsterdam Center for the Study of Lived Religion).

Ammerman discusses the experience of religion and spirituality in the everyday lives of people, arguing that the well-known distinction between religion and spirituality is a problematic one.

Roeland will give a lecture (in Dutch) about the spirituality of gardening. His lecture is titled: The Spirituality of Gardening! Portraits of People. On the basis of a number of portraits of participants in his research into the spirituality of gardening, Roeland draws an in depth picture on  what spirituality means in the daily life of people. 

More information can be found in the enclosed program.