Rev Khamadi Joseph Pali

Rev K.J. Pali is a South African and a candidate for a joint PhD project between University of the Free State and Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. He is also a lecturer in the Department of Practical Theology at UFS and an associate minister in one of the congregations of the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (DRCA). He holds Senior Diploma in Primary school education (Mphohadi College of Education), BTh cum laude (UFS), Hon. in Greek cum laude (UFS), M.Div (UFS), and MTh in NT (UFS). His research interests are congregational, leadership, transformation and cultural studies.


The topic of his project is "Leadership and transformation in the African church: A practical theological study of one denomination." First the study intends to understand the intense of challenges that the church in Africa is faced with and to investigate what kind of leadership framework would be appropriate to respond to the challenges in order to facilitate the process of transformation. This understanding of the challenges of the church in Africa is essential for leadership if it needs to be successful in the implementation of transformation. The denomination used as a case study here is the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa. Second, the study intends to investigate the challenges of leadership in the DRCA and how it can be help to fit into the preferred leadership framework. This is to help present leadership of the DRCA understands itself for the process of transformation. Third, the study also explores various theories of leadership from African, organisational and Theological perspective. These theories are essential because they influence the practice of leadership within Africa. Lastly, the study ends with a proposal for a process of transformation of the DRCA. This is just to give an idea of how and where to start implementing the process of transformation in the DRCA.


Supervisors: Prof. Kobus Schoeman (UFS), Prof. dr. R.Ruard Ganzevoort (VU)

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