Jan Grimell

Jan Grimell is an ordained minister in the Church of Sweden and a PhD student in the field of Practical Theology at VU University Amsterdam. For the moment he is combining working as a minister in the nothern part of Sweden with his PhD research. He is also a former military officer in the Swedish Armed Forces in which he served actively for ten years on several locations inside and outside of Sweden. Jan is an alumnus of Umeå University Sweden and holds a MA in religion and theology and his main field of specialisation is social sciences of religion. He also holds a BA in social science with psychology as his main field of specialisation.

His PhD-project is titled Existential and Religious dimensions in identity reconstruction among Swedish military personnel during the process of becoming veterans. The purpose of the research is to describe the transition from being a soldier or an officer to become a civilian. More specifically the research aims to study what existential and/or religious experiences unfold in such a process and in what way a person narratively reconstructs his or her military identity towards a civilian (or veteran) identity. The design is longitudinal and will follow 20 informants during a period of three years, conducting one interview anually with each informant. The first interview will be conducted before they leave their employment within the Swedish Armed Forces.

Supervisors: Prof.dr.R.Ruard Ganzevoort (VU University) and Dr. Thomas Girmalm (Umeå University).