Trauma and spirituality

Fundamental intersections between traumatic experiences and religion or spirituality are central to this research project. It focuses on the effects of (sub-)traumatic experiences on spirituality and on religious / spiritual ways of responding to trauma and violence. The project uses primarily narrative empirical approaches to understand these intersections. Eventually it aims at empowering those who have lived through (sub-)traumatic experiences, critically examining religious traditions from the perspective of traumatized people, and informing caregivers in offering spiritual support and conflict mediation. Researchers in this project give attention to different aspects or situations:

Adriana Balk: God images in the life stories of female adult incest survivors.

Nette Falkenburg: Spiritual experiences of parents of a child dying in pediatric intensive care units.

Sylvia Owusu: Contributions to peacemaking from Christianity, Islam, and traditional religion in Ghana and Nigeria.

Birgit Pfeifer: Existential and spiritual themes in school shootings.

The project is led by Ruard Ganzevoort