Care: projects

This area of research regards practices of care, including spiritual and pastoral care. The central research question is how lived religion and spirituality shape both formal and informal arrangements of care and support, particularly with regard to vulnerable individuals. Empirical research takes place in the following projects, each including one or more affiliated researchers and/or PhD-candidates.

In the project on Social integration of people with (intellectual) disabilities, research looks at the possibilities of overcoming the gaps between people with and without disabilities. Care here is more a communal characteristic of living together than an asymmetric activity in which one person cares for another.

The project on Identity and Spirituality regards studies on the intersection of individual biographies and the construction of spirituality. The studies focus on issues like addiction, psychiatric diseases, and (post)military identity.

The project on Trauma and spirituality brings together studies on a variety of (sub)traumatic experiences and posttraumatic spirituality. The experiences include sexual abuse, the death of a child, and violence.

The project on Professional care and spirituality focuses on the role of spirituality and worldviews in the attitudes of caregivers and in care providing institutions. It attends specifically to the study of spiritual care.