Birgit Pfeifer


Birgit Pfeifer is a PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam. She is born and raised in Austria. In 1993 she emigrated to the Netherlands. Birgit Pfeifer studied at the Karl Franzens University in Graz and the University of Amsterdam. She holds a degree in Theology and German Philology. 

As a teacher educator and theologian questions regarding the existential struggles of young people are the focus of her professional interest. In her research she tries to understand the role  these struggles play in the motives of school shooters.  For her study she analyses original expressions of shooters like manifestos of suicide letters. She also analyses fiction books and films with school shootings as topic to learn more about their interpretation of the motives.

Birgit Pfeifer works as a curriculum developer at the teacher education Windesheim in Zwolle and lives in Kampen.

Supervisors: Prof.dr. R.Ruard Ganzevoort (VU University) and Dr. Jaap Timmer (Chairholder Safety Windesheim)

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