Lived Religion

Welcome to the homepage of the Amsterdam Center for the Study of Lived Religion. We are an interdisciplinary research team devoted to the study of moral and religious practices ('lived religion') of communities and individuals constantly (re)constructing their identities in a context of growing cultural and religious plurality.

The center is located at the religiously very diverse and dialogical Faculty of Theology at VU University Amsterdam. Members of the center include practical theologians, social scientists, and ethicists. Following the ‘community of learners’ principle, senior researchers work together with selected students at the MA and PhD-levels.

The center focuses on three intertwining areas of research: Cultures, Communities, and Care.

Information for students

Information for students can be found here.


  • Cultures
    Popular culture, religion and media, eco-religion, public discourses on religion and homosexuality.
  • Communities
    The shaping of new forms and actions for religious or religiously inspired communities.
  • Care
    Practices of care, professional care, religion and trauma.